You’ve got to use the word.

It’s a useful word. It will save you keystrokes.

Insert it here. Add it to your jokes.

I made up a word. It’s what you’ve got.

When you’re all-in on something or something like that.

I’ll give you your Amen! I’d know what you mean. I’d say


without having to scream.

That leaves me to say that it is a duty. To

put Trump in jail




Flimsy Lindsey Graham

What’s up Lindsey Graham’s ass?

I’m trying to figure out what’s up Lindsey’s ass. His misogynistic opinions about abortion are why I ask.

I think Lindsey likes his toast buttered on both sides. He’s made it his mission to put forth hateful lies.

But still, I’d like to know what’s up Lindsey’s ass? I think behind it we’d find out why he keeps passing gas.

And once again I see Lindsey plopped down on his knees, there must be a reason he’s chosen hot dogs over cream cheese.

Did Lindsey sit on a hot dog? No. I think it’s worse.

Lindsey had that hot dog up his ass first.

I call him Flimsy Lindsey.

Flimsy Lindsey Graham.



My brother told me: “Steve Bannon looks like a guy who doesn’t smell good.” I saw the sense in that. I heard one from another just now: “Money laundering is the only laundry Steve Bannon does.”

I thought of my brother.

Steve Bannon is a piece of shit and odds are he doesn’t smell good!

…And that’s all I have to say at the moment.



Justice Clarence “Rastus” Thomas

What they’re trying to tell us is that we’re being controlled by religious-right zealots.

They’re stripping us of some personal rights with visions of Gilead within their sights.

While we’re keeping it honest. SCOTUS is led by Justice Clarence “Rastus” Thomas.

In him, they chose the whitest black man to serve as a surrogate for the Ku Klux Klan.

Women have lost their right to abort by Justice Clarence “Rastus” Thomas’s Supreme Court.

By the time it’s all been decided. SCOTUS will have grandfathered in a clause for his interracial marriage,

I question the relevance of the judicial authority of this neo-fascist Christian minority.

The irony of it all has not been lost. Black folks have been betrayed by Justice Clarence “Rastus” Thomas.



Anthony (Tony) Pretlow

Anthony (Tony) Pretlow

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