Doubting (Clarence) Thomas.

If he were not black, would we be doubting Clarence Thomas?

Would we think his far-right stance to be prude?

If his white wife was a champion of racist causes?

Would we think of her as no more than rude?

If he were not black, would we fail to mention

his lone most recent Supreme Court dissension?

If he were not black and dialed-in a routinely Federalist vote?

Would it bother us that he not utter a word. Sit there and gloat?

If you think I’m being partial, compare Clarence to Thurgood Marshall.

Another thing to consider, is how does this man look in the mirror?

Some folks call Clarence Thomas an Oreo.
I say he’s better described as a dark toasted marshmallow.

Getting to Zero.

Is the lack of anything, something?

Is there no score in a game?

Is there ever not a temperature?

Is there an IQ for the insane?

How else can tolerance be measured?

Is there ever not-a-chance?

Is it in balance always treasured?

Can you catch carbon in a net?

Have we come to ground zero?


We’re as close as you get.

G. I. (Gastro-Intestinal) Joe.

Some people take things to heart. I take things to stomach.

I have acid indigestion because of the news and G. I. Joe Biden is part of my problem.

Like his predecessor, but for far different reasons, G. I. Joe keeps me in need of an ant-acid.

My innards squirm…

Mike Pence. Hero or spineless jellyfish?

Let’s not get carried away about Mike Pence. We’re about to see if there’s any more gristle in his spine.

Will he or will he not be fully cooperative with the Jan 6 Select Committee?

I say be careful when you use a Q-tip to probe.

The white-tipped former Vice-president is a pivotal figure in the investigation.

It might be a good time to monitor his text messages. Surely he’s weighing his options among friends.

I’m sure Oliver North is on Q-tip’s contact list. They can pick up from their last conversation.

It remains to be seen what he’ll do.

But it’s hard to bet against a man who is known more for his fly than his head.

People say the darndest things. They mean well, but it doesn’t always go as intended. Some things fall on deaf ears. Others fail to hit their eluciary target. Still other things are better left unsaid. Here are a few sayings I find particularly abhorring:

Everything is temporary if you wait long enough.

Come now. Are those really comforting…

Scary thought.

There are as many versions of reality as there are people on the planet.

Scarier thought.

If you count the mental health issues, that number would go up exponentially.

Scarier thought.

If you count those with drug dependencies and addiction, that number might quadruple.

Scariest thought.

They all think they’re right.

Can we align behind a banner that reads:


Can we do that free of, or before any ideology?

Can we take responsibility for ourselves first?

I’ve committed to taking care of myself, and if everyone did that, they wouldn’t be a burden to anyone else.

Sadly, there are those who would say that puts every man for himself.


What is wrong with that?

Don’t do it at the expense of others. Just know that the survival of our species begins with self preservation.

We’re better off, if we can start from there.

Can we?

Sleep and money are alike:

  • You can’t get enough.
  • You need both, but they’re not promised.
  • Both are better on a rainy day.
  • Both have governing bodies.
  • Returns are not guaranteed.
  • You lose one to get the other.
  • Both are taken on account.
  • Both have utility.
  • Each is it’s own reward.
  • Too much of both leads to ruin.
  • You toil for more, but you’ve got to stop somewhere...

… The End

I’m changing my profile picture.

It’s something to plan a day around.

I’m no good on either side of a camera.

Don’t mistake my indifference for a frown.

I’m going to take several selfies.

I’m happy not to be wasting film.

Choosing one is gonna be a challenge.

It’s not a thing you do on a whim.

Like many things the problem is getting started.

My will to make a change has departed.

Although it won’t make me any richer,

I’m changing my profile picture.

Being right is overrated.

So you’re right and only you know it.

  1. Is self satisfaction enough?
  2. Is there a virtual chalkboard?

3. Do you get to put a scratch on a scorecard?

4. Does anyone know you took one for the home team?


Being right is overrated when you are the only one who knows.

Anthony Pretlow

Avid reader. Seeker. Artist. Baseball enthusiast. Devoted father of five. Sound money advocate. Happily married/ retired. Being right is overrated.

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