Anthony (Tony) Pretlow
1 min readFeb 14


Looking forward to my refund.

How I get a windfall from Social Security.

Windfalls are hard to come by. The average person has no expectations for one. Most don’t get a company bonus. There’s no commission check, and few hit the lottery.

Stimulus checks during the pandemic were the first windfall of any kind many people had ever received.

By voluntarily having federal taxes taken out of my Social Security check, I generate a windfall at tax time.

It only takes filling out a W-4 withholding form and deciding the percentage you’d like to deduct.

That way a fixed amount of cash will be deducted on a monthly basis.

By doing so, I guarantee myself a refund large enough to be a windfall.

I know there are other ways to save. Everything from interest bearing savings account to money market funds, to name a few.

Getting off-the-top savings makes it worthwhile. I get my refund in time for a spring vacation!

I look forward to tax season and I thought I’d share a strategy that works for me.



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