Too late for justice.

My Nemesis

Anthony (Tony) Pretlow
2 min readDec 24, 2022


The most difficult thing I had to accept in my life. That caused me the most lasting strife.

It has to do with my first wife. She is my nemesis and that doesn’t make it right.

Her power comes from selfishness. It’s her form of relentlessness. She’s a controlling narcissist. There is no one on earth that I like less.

I feel as if she spat on me. She dominated our years of matrimony. There is one thing I clearly see. That woman ruined my destiny.

I remember the day when we first met. That is something I have lived to regret. She lied to our kids and that’s a fact. There’ll be no revenge in my last act.

I take my losses to my grave. Knowing she took far more than she gave. If there’s a thought I like to be saved:

She didn’t need a husband. She needed a maid.

I know I must put an end to this. There are many more things that I could list. Let’s just say when I exit the premises, my first wife was my nemesis.

Although I’ve dotted my I’s and left no dangling commas. I have chosen to exit without drama. I’ll make my retreat with honor.

While still waiting patiently for the workings of Karma.



Anthony (Tony) Pretlow

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