Piece of cake.

The hike to Burney Falls was far steeper and more treacherous than we had imagined. From the very first step, we were going up. It was so steep, that many couldn’t make it.

Some plopped down on widened places in the trail, resting before turning back.

I labored upward as long as I could before taking a seat on a log. I had only made it halfway. I recall how good the mist from the waterfall felt. It was a relief from the heat.

My wife continued up the trail. She left the baby with me.

About a half-hour later, my drenched wife returned after a swim in the waterfall.

I was well-rested and while sitting there, I plotted a plan.

Nearing the bottom, as I followed my wife downward, I turned around my baseball cap. We walked down the line of waiting hikers. Feigning like a blind man and holding my stick like a cane, I said:

“That really wasn’t too bad! I strongly recommend it!”

“ That was a piece of cake!”

Several people were startled in amazement. You should have seen their faces.

I had embarrassed my wife yet again. She didn’t have to say it.

Her face was beaming red.


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Anthony (Tony) Pretlow

Anthony (Tony) Pretlow

Avid reader. Baseball enthusiast. Devoted father of five. Sound money advocate. Happily married/ retired. Being right is overrated.