Here's the beef.

They’re Tossing Out Red Meat

Tony Pretlow
1 min readFeb 12, 2023


It’s not an ideology. It’s propaganda. It certainly looks that way when I take a gander.

They love guns and are promoting lies. They’re projecting conspiracies right before our eyes.

They support hatefulness and that ain’t no joke. Constantly saying everything is woke.

They clamour for their religion. Saying it’s a rite. While there are still towns where black folks can’t go out at night.

When it comes to immigration they want to build a wall. Saying next to breathing, it’s the most important thing of all.

They vote against their own interests. That’s a puzzle to me. They want to cancel Medicare and Social Security.

They deny climate change and that is a fact. They’re against you voting. If you are black.

I’ve come to know their buzz words, so if and when we meet.

I’ll say it’s just a bone thrown.

They’re tossing out red meat.



Tony Pretlow

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