It looks like a rash

I Have Itches That Didn’t Get Scratched

Tony Pretlow


The more I age, the more I look back. I see I have itches that didn’t get scratched.

As in the case of my two divorces. I hitched myself to the wrong horses.

Be that as it may. It’s a matter of fact. It is an itch that didn’t get scratched.

Had I learned that lesson sooner, I might not have become a late bloomer.

Without rhyme or reason, but it’s not my last act. It’s an itch that didn’t get scratched.

I do not have a bucket list, but there are things I don’t want to miss.

It may not be the best of tacts. It’s likely an itch that won’t get scratched.

There is a name that goes with my sorrow. It’s here today and not gone tomorrow.

I have regrets. There’s no going back. I have itches that didn’t get scratched.

Itches need to be scratched. They can serve as guidance towards goals. They can lead to adventures. Unscratched itches can lead to regrets and a “rash” of other unwanted things.



Tony Pretlow

Passionate. Dedicated reader and commenter. Occasional writer. I enjoy writing poems that rhyme. Father of five. Happily married/retired. Northwestern U. Alum