Multi=colored golf balls
The way to LIV golf

The American Basketball Association merged with the National Basketball Association to become the NBA. There were financial considerations. The talent pool was expanded. There was an underlying reason behind the merger that I think will benefit what’s going on in the golf world.

The American Basketball Association debuted with a red, white, and blue ball. I remember Julius Erving before he was “The Doctor”, swatting that abomination of a ball around for the Virginia Squires. That ball was a distraction. It had a way of distorting the bounce off the glass and that dive onto the floor.

That flag of a ball gave a rainbow to high-arching jump shots. It made moves to the paint more dramatic. Souvenir basketballs were bought more for volleyball than basketball. The ball brought more females to the game. The ABA basketball was so controversial, that it facilitated the merger of the two leagues.

For those who see little hope for the merging of PGA Tour golf and LIV Tour golf, I offer up the following suggestion:

The LIV golf tour should adopt a new golf ball. What would golf purists have to say about that? Other than blowing their minds, the multi-colored ball with petals could be an agent of change. It could revolutionize the game and ultimately merge the two leagues.

The Kaede Max ball increases your distance off the tee. It gives an extra kick to your iron game. Scores and handicaps will be lowered. It will change club selections. LIV golf scores would go so low, that they’d foreshadow the PGA scores immediately.

This is a way to unite the two tours! Change the ball. Throw things into chaos. It worked for the NBA and, besides, have you heard a better idea yet?



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Anthony (Tony) Pretlow

Avid reader. Baseball enthusiast. Devoted father of five. Sound money advocate. Happily married/ retired. Being right is overrated.