Me. Myself and I.

Even as we speak

Anthony (Tony) Pretlow
1 min readMay 24, 2022


Listen to yourselves, you’re in need of feedback. You’re leveraging your words and disregarding facts.

I listen to you often and for far too long. You’re reusing words as if they were in a song.

What happened to the days that when someone said woke. It meant someone was racially informed and that it was no joke.

While you’re making things perfectly clear someone is pushing back. They don’t like what you’re saying. Your opponent is a hack.

You lean into issues as if in a game. You’re bypassing answers and staying in your lane.

You’re having conversations with your constituents. You disregard the homeless while pacifying young truants.

You’re looking for cultures that need to be canceled. One started in a petri dish that was mishandled.

You’re breeding disinformation based on alternate facts. Where is your moral compass? You can judge them by their acts.

One man’s oppression is another man’s gain. Our systems are failing. The world has gone insane.

We’re at the tipping point. Converging cycles meet. All of this is taking place even as we speak.



Anthony (Tony) Pretlow

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