A tribute to my wife.

My wife decides


She decides where the coffee cups go and when to use oil over butter.

She knows when the refrigerator gets cleaned or has far too much clutter.

She tells you to put the seat down and when it’s time to shave.

She didn’t marry you for your looks.

And that’s not why she’s stayed.

She has a meter for when the sheets get changed and when towels have hung too long.

She wears a grim face that cuts to the chase when you’ve done her wrong.

She tells you when you’ve had enough and when it’s time for bed.

She’s the one who brings stuff up for something that you said.

Do you have questions about what to do with your life?

Take it from me. I’ve been married three times, but

I’ve only had one wife.



Anthony (Tony) Pretlow

Prolific reader. Baseball enthusiast. Devoted father of five. Sound money advocate. Happily married/ retired. I write off the cuff. Being right is overrated.